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Do you know what the origin of jewelry is? A journey through History

Jewelry is an art that has existed since ancient times, and has been valued for its beauty and value by countless cultures around the world. From the Stone Age to the present day, jewelry has evolved alongside humanity, and its history is fascinating.

In Prehistory , the first ornaments were made with shells, bones, teeth and other natural materials. Over time, humans discovered how to work metals such as gold, silver and copper, and began to create more elaborate and sophisticated jewelry.

One of the first civilizations to make metal jewelry was the Egyptians , who created elaborate pieces that often included precious stones. I include some photos that I took myself at the Louvre museum in Paris at the Egyptian exhibition, it made me want to take them all! They are an inspiration, and a clear example that fashion always comes back.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were also known for their skills in jewelry creation, and produced a wide variety of ornaments, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Photography obtained from the Blog: "Recreation of history"

In the Middle Ages, jewelry became an important form of personal expression and social status. Nobles and royalty wore luxurious and ostentatious jewelry to show off their wealth and power, while the lower classes often wore simpler, more functional jewelry.

Photography obtained from the blog: "Enrique Ortega Burgos"

During the Renaissance , jewelry experienced a renaissance, with artists and jewelers creating pieces that were true works of art. Baroque and Rococo jewelry of the 17th and 18th centuries was characterized by extravagance and excessive ornament.

Photograph obtained from: "Jewelry in the Renaissance, by Marina Victoria Zapata Jaume"

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution allowed mass production of jewelry at prices more accessible to the general public. Art Nouveau and Art Deco jewelry of the early 20th century was a reflection of changing times and the growing influence of design and fashion.

Today, jewelry remains a popular form of self-expression and adorning the body. Modern technology has allowed the creation of more precise and detailed jewelry, and the incorporation of materials such as plastic, glass and resin has expanded creative possibilities.

The history of jewelry is a rich and fascinating one, full of examples of creativity, skill and beauty. From ancient cultures to the present day, jewelry has been valued as a form of art and personal expression, and remains an important part of modern life.


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