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Gift ideas for Mother's Day

We start with the million dollar question: What day is Mother's Day 2023? This year it is Sunday, May 7 , as always the first Sunday in May.

Like every year you will ask yourself, what can I give mom for Mother's Day? Don't worry, we bring you the perfect guide to find the right and perfect gift.

Flowers and breakfasts are a classic, but we want to bring you more original and fun options to surprise your mother.

1. Pendant with the letters MAMA.

It is our bet for this year, the necklace with the letters of MAMA, which we have called "Mother's Love" , what mother does not like to wear those letters that define her so much on her neck. It is a gold necklace, adjustable to different heights and waterproof , you will never have to take it off because it will not get damaged or lose the gold!

2. Stone ring

What mother doesn't like a good big stone ring to show off for the summer . We propose two with green stones. The first is the Amazonas ring, which has three very large green stones and with which you will not go unnoticed. The second is the Indico ring, which in addition to being ideal, is adjustable, so you won't have to worry about its finger size. It is also a waterproof stainless steel ring.

3. Earrings for everyday life.

If your mother is simple and discreet , but at the same time elegant , and does not have much time to worry about putting on and taking off earrings, we suggest that you give her some simple gold earrings that she can use in her daily life. Our proposal is the Drop earrings and the Wires . They are two types of hoop earrings but with a special touch. They are also stainless steel earrings, so you won't have to take them off even to shower or sleep.

4. Lapis Lazuli Ring

And last but not least we bring another ring for Mother's Day. He has a section for himself just because he deserves it because of how spectacular he is. It is the Lapis Lazuli ring , with its large blue stone and the sun in the center with the light blue stone. The star ring of the season. It is also an adjustable ring so you won't have to worry about its ring size. We leave you photos so you can appreciate it and the direct link.

We have reached the end of the post, we hope these gift ideas for Mother's Day have been useful to you. All the jewels come of course packaged in our very special box and accompanied by a note that, if you want, you can personalize.


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